*Teachers’ Evaluation at CELE; how culture is promoted in class -Luis Cabrera-
*Confronting Prejudce, Taising Awareness and Building Community in and out of the EFL Classroom -Elise Klein-
*Honoring Local Expertise -Eric Dwyer-
*Leading by Example: Teaching English, Empowering our Profession -Suzanne Panfero-


*MIT-Mexico Transnational Communication Research: Professional Communication Education in a Global Context  

-Jennifer Craig-
-Frank Farmer-
-Dorina Garza-Leonard-

*Learner autonomy: myths and realities -Gabriela Ladrón de Guevara-
*The art of raising teachers’ awareness of their roles during innovation -Cecilio López-
*Text type and strategies association to measure reading comprehension -Raquel García J. / M. Angeles Barba /
Frankz Marroquin-

*From Freire to Free Thinking: An Ideological Model of Literacy in EFL -John Roby-
*Is Intercultural Competence a remake of Communicative Competence? -José Angel Reyes-
*Teaching through the students’ eyes -Celia M. Sánchez-
*Presenting structures through Power Point slides -A. Guadalupe Torres / Leticia Arciga-
*The Classroom: here, there and everywhere. Welcome to the Cloud! -Juan C. Sapien-
*Portfolios that Speak for Themselves in Advanced EFL Classes -Dorina Garza-Leonard-
*Use of technology in ELT Teachers’ Training -Diana De la Luz-
*Integrating IT tools in the EFL classroom -Fernando Fernández-
*English for Specific Purposes in Practice -Fernando X. Gómez-
*The cultural dimension in English language teaching -Gerardo Quiroz / Francisco Rojas-
*Diploma Project: Training Primary School Teachers of English in Sonora -M. Yvette Verdugo / Silvia Rodríguez /
M. Georgina Clark-

*Oral Proficiency, accuracy and fluency in EFL: Teacher-Learner self-evaluation and linguistic competencies awareness

-Armando González-
*Sociocultural issues in textbooks for teaching English as a foreign language

-Gabriela Cortés / Elvia Franco / Vida Valero-
*Teacher Development in Call at the UADY -Myrna Balderas-
*The Pragmatics of Discussions -Cheri Micheau-
*Authentic Material: The use of the Internet in the ESL/EFL class

-Elizabeth Alvarado / Silvia Sepulveda / Rocío Matamoros-
*Collaborative Tools on Moodle and the Advantages of Online Learning -Alison J. Clinton / Sarah J. Brown-
*A Teacher Educator Uses Language Corpora -Roger W. Gee-
*Identifying Common Phonological Mistakes in EFL Students: A case study

-Ismael Chuc / Mizael Garduño / Vilma Portillo-
*Content and Language Learning in the University: Speeding up EFL -Alma D. Frías / Manuel Leos / Lourdes Cantú-
*Social Bookmarking and Web 2.0: Collaborative Tools for Teachers and Learners -Karen Jogan-
*Increasing Intercultural Understanding through Drama Activities -John R. Haught-
*What about the teacher and the learner’s competencies? -Rosa María Lozano-
*Translation and L1 Transgressions in ELT? -Mizael Garduño / Ismael Chuc / Vilma Portillo-
*Developing Learning Competencies to Enhance Performance in EFL -Flor Mellado de Bromley-
*Using Bloom’s Taxonomy to improve English instruction and student’s learning competencies

-Luis H. Medina / Alfredo Hernández-
*Using Wikis in the EFL Classroom -Cynthia Wiseman-
*Using Rubrics to Assess Translation Competencies: An Ongoing Research Project -Gabriela Guajardo-
*Culture seen through non verbal communication in the foreign language class -Gabriela Elizondo / Teresa Rivera-
*Are on paper or on-line reading comprehension exams more difficult? -Barbara Byer-
*EAP Grammar: Just one important tense! -Rod Webb-
*Communicative competence development and teacher’s pedagogic practices. Results of a research study

-Gilma Zuñiga-
*Techniques and strategies to become a professional translator -Vilma Portillo / Alessio Zanier-
*Project poster: An attractive and useful digital too! -María Teresa Mallén-
*What do we need to know to teach cultural awareness? -Linda Quendoz-
*Supporting language learning: a professional approach to teaching -Frank Farmer / María Elena Llaven-
*Leadership Skills and Cultural Engagement in ESL -Franz Bokel-


*Creating Literature junkies -Leticia A. Ruiz G.-
*Designing performance tasks as a curricular aim -Benjamin Stewart-
*Enhancing Listening Skills -Barbara Bangle-
*Games as a fun element when learning English -Ariel A. Aguilar P.-
*ELT COMPETENCIES: Know, use, share and be part of a foreign language -Adriana Macías T. / Almendra Moreno D.-
*Feedback on Language within the Context of a Communicative Approach -Cynthia Myers / Carolyn Madden-
*Technology in the language classroom: why, when, how -Dixie Santana-
*I want to understand and talk using that bunch of American linking words -Luis Tilán /

Eduardo Almeida / Romeo García-
*Sentence Grammar and How to Teach it -Holly Wilson-
*Academic Aerobics -Sara Vargas-
*A content-based-class outline for business English -Marco A. Morales-
*Language Awareness in ELT -Antonio Balderas-
*Activities, tasks and exercises as they relate to teaching competencies -Alejandro Martínez-
*In Canada they speak English, too: A Glimpse of Canadian through song -Wayne Steely-
*Putting Vocabulary front and center -Frances Boyd-
*To Self-Assess or Not Self-Assess Reading Comprehension? That is the question -Ricardo Briano / Mario Sepulveda-
*Edgar Allan Poe is visiting an English Class -Dulce Montes de Oca / Alejandra Varela-


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