*Helping students develop as writers can help teachers develop as innovators and leaders -Jennifer Craig-
*Challenges and best practices in effective teaching in higher education -Angélica Natera-
*Avoid teacher burnout: De-Stress! -Kitty Johnson-


*ESP needs of law students: A need-based curriculum design for ESLLL -Rajul Bhargava-
*Teahcers’ digital tools acquisition process -Dulce Ma. Gilbón Acevedo-


*Comparing three versions of Content-based Curricula    

-Frances Boyd-
-Alma Delia Frías-
-Dixie Santana-


*Linking Practice with Theory for Teacher Development in an Online ELT BA -Adriana Garrido / Daisy Giles-
*Writing Assessment and Verbal Protocols -Patricia Nuñez-
*The ELT process through Distance Education -Alejandra López Olivera-
*Incorporating Culture in Language Teaching -Amanda Sotelo / Patricia Guajardo-
*Understanding EFL Students’ Errors: an Insight towards Their Interlanguage -Julio Villalobos / David Camps-
*Strategies to keep students awake -Celia M. Sánchez Sosa-
*Working with Nicenet -Ma. Teresa Mallén-
*Promoting Autonomous Learning in the Self Access Center -Ana M. Quintana / Margarita Camacho-
*The viability of language-learning online -Jane Wright-
*What every EFL/ESL professional should know about language knowledge models -Armando González Salinas-
*Are your students on a tight schedule? Try blended-learning on Moodle -Rocío De Miguel-
*First Contact Learning - L2 Becomes L1 -Franz Bokel-
*Culturally Responsive Discourse and English Language Acquisition -Sonia Sotero-
*Dealing with students who drive teachers crazy: Experience-based insights -Dorina Garza-Leonard-
*The use of internet resources in ELT -Gabriela Ladrón de Guevara / Rocío Soto-
*Teaching Youtube: Intercultural Competency from Music Videos -Vincent Scardino-
*Nine Multiple Intelligences: Is there another one? -Linda Chu / Katheleen Hertestein / Dolores Del Giorgio-
*Copy Me, Copycub: New Ways to Use an Old Method, Dictation -Kiwon Lim-
*TALL  An Integrated, Research-Based Approach To ESL Instruction -Brian Radford / Ray Graham-
*English multilevel groups: methods and teaching strategies -Ma. Guadalupe Huerta-
*Project work: Designing Activities for teaching Receptive Skills -Elizabeth Alvarado / Perla Cruz / Lilia Rubio-
*Ghosts of EFL Past, Present & Future: The story of low success students -Amber Nicole McFetridge-
*Dialogic Reading and Its Effect on Literacy Development of Language Learner -Solange Lopes-Murphy-
*Think aloud: Identifying Reading Comprehension Strategies -Jessica Rodríguez-
*Academic writing needs analysis in the context of the BA program -Ma. Guadalupe Santos / Kenneth Richter-
*Learning from the two Cambridges -Myrna Balderas-
*Are Stereotypes Stereotyped? -Gabriela Cortés / Vida Valero-
*Translate That! (or, is there a place for translation in the classroom)? -Deborah Osborne-
*Collaborating with the American University of Central Asia in Kyrgyzstan -Frances Boyd-
*English on the U.S./Mexico Border: Challenges for ESL/EFL Practitioners -Steven Randall / Martha Youman-
*The Changing Role of the English Teacher in the ICT World -Elizabeth Alvarado-
*Technology & teaching aids: an enhancement on students’ language learning -Almendra Moreno / Adriana Macías-
*Teacher-Centered Instruction and Language-Learning Strategies: a Case Study -Mizael Garduño / Vilma Portillo /
Sandra Valdéz-
*Expertise in language teaching -Frank Farmer / Ma. Elena Llaven-
*English language students’ perceptions of culture an cultural diversity -Ireri Armenta / Roberto Gómez / 

Sarah Ahrens-
*Reflecting on learning and teaching: the learners’ perspective -Gina Oxbrow-
*Independent Vocabulary Learning Strategies for English Language Learners -Diana Taveggia-
*Learner-centered Pronunciation Teaching Techniques -Antonio Balderas-
*Creating a Curriculum that Serves the Needs of Students -Karen Santiago-
*Why use humor in the classroom -Humberto Piña-
*Fomenting internationalization and CLIL at the university -Rocío De Miguel-
*Designing a Descriptor-Based Syllabus Proposal -Patricia Pérez / Rocío Marrón-
*English Language Proficency: Process or Requirement? -Heriberto Díaz-



*The art of Mentoring EFL Teachers -Daniel López-
*Creating a Learner Centered Classroom -Laura Leyva-
*Posters as a resource for enhancing your Teaching Practices -Martha Guevara-
*Raising Pragmatic Awareness in EFL Teaching Settings -Verónica Pimienta-
*8 tools to communicative effectively in class -Gerson Cisneros-
*A Complete Package to Motivate and Verify Upper Level Extensive Reading -Beverly Binder-
*Learning about Culture Through Student Generate Activities -Ellen Shenkaraw-
*Designing better items for our tests -Barbara Byer-
*Sheltered Instruction Application -Ariel Peña / Tania Fast / 
Alejandra Martínez-
*One size does not fit all: differentiating instruction in ELT -Karen Jogan-
*Using writing-to-learn strategies to help students develop proficiency, fluency and confidence in L2    

-Jennifer Craig / Dorina Garza-Leonard-
*Strategic planning within the Cognitive Academic Language Learning Approach -John Robby Grossi-
*Using images to reach new heights in motivation -Alejandro Martínez-
*Discourse analysis as an approach to develop students’ critical thinking skills -Dolores Fernández-
*Communication that moves teachers toward growth: pre- and post-observation -Suzanne House-
*More than One Way to Skin a Cat -Martha Mora-
*Using Games with Grammar Cards in an ESL/EFL class -Rick Binder-


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